SMS Gateways/API

Any advice on best third party API’s to use? I really don’t like Twillio seems way more robust than i want. I just need to text a 2fa out. Thanks

What countries?

We use Clickatell, SMSGlobal, Cellcast (AU), etc…we’re based in AU (first two are not)

Cellcast is Australian but offers super cheap sms rates and subaccounts with their own api key

Ended up using email to sms. free and easy. all carriers provide or something that works well


guessing you’re in USA, almost no other country has free email to sms outside that.

We also have a $5/month unlimited sms set of sim cards in android phones with sms gateway api software on them also. they work great in for Australia where you need to pay for commercial sms. We pay about 3c (AUD) per text here (most around 5-6c now)… when we need to send tends of thousands at a time in seconds.