Single board computers

Is there any plans to support any arm boards running Armbian ?

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: armbian
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version: ???

I am seeing a few people having a look at this but no comments. I am starting to try and get Lucee up and running on Armbian running on an OrangePi Win plus single board computer. I will post steps, trials and errors as I go. I am in a remote location in Northern Ontario so internet speed is slow for me, this will take time. Currently doing a clean install. Then will update all packages and move the system to a 2.5 inch external hard drive. With the board I have no choice but to boot from an mico SD. Once the OS is installed, I will install Apache, JDK, php, mysql. once all is installed I will download and try first with the current installer, if that does not work I will try getting express to run. News … info … and I hope a success story to follow.

Assuming Armbian is similar to a Raspberry Pi, the shortest distance between to point is probably to…

  • install the jdk
  • install CommandBox
  • box server start
  • profit $$

I don’t want to run CommandBox. I would rather just have Lucee running. Had CommandBox up and running but … just rather not have it.

Your choice. You’re probably in for a lot more work however :slight_smile:

a little more work sometimes comes with some big pay off. Have not worked with CF for a very long time, would like to keep my setup at “pure” as possible. Oh … btw nice to see you Brad, have read everything I could find from you on CommandBox and Raspberry Pi’s … great stuff … it is what got me wanted to get back to developing with CF … it has been a very long time for this old man. Thanks for all you work and time you have put into the CF world. Feeling kind of sad that I drifted away for so long.


Nice to make your acquaintance and glad to have you back in the CF world! For what it’s worth, there’s nothing “unpure” about using CommandBox to start up servers. CommandBox uses JBoss Undertow to deploy a stock Lucee WAR. It’s the same “Lucee” you get from the installer, just easier to configure, lol.

maybe its just me … and not being use to CommandBox, it use to be so easy … just install Apache and CF and off you go … like said its been a long long time and so much has changed. I know how easy it is to get CommandBox running … if it gets too bad I will end up with running it. I want to be able to suggest to small companies a way to self host a good dynamic solution. If you don’t mind, when / if I endup running CommandBox would it be ok to shoot you a message or two with config issues?

If you can’t find an answer in the docs
you’re more than welcome to ask questions. You can do so over on the Ortus Community as well:

Thanks… Already there… have been working on all this for a bit now.

Well it seems there is no way to get Lucee running even the express on Armbian. So it will CommandBox. I look forward to learning this great product. I hope sometime soon Lucee will support the Single boad computer world a little better.

Lucee is a servlet engine, by default it uses tomcat, commandbox as Brad says is just a different host.

That’s just how it works. Lucee won’t change

I have a bunch of pis in the wild and CommandBox works well. Brad has a really great product in CommandBox. OrangePi might be a little on the low side for memory depending on what you are trying to accomplish if your limited to 1GB. I find that golang is a good fit for low memory single board computers. I do love my Lucee though. lol

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I am just getting it set up and running. I am using an OrangePi WinPlus. Have 2Gb of ram to work with. Everylittle bit helps. Just doing my server json file now.

FreeBSD on rasberryPI. the OS has a very small foot print, even if its a bit involved to get it initially setup.