Shared session delay

I am currently running Lucee on docker conatiners with a load balancer. I am storing the session data in the database and this works really well for the most part.

My issue is that as I increase the number instances running I run into issues where the delay form writing the session data to the database causes issues.

This is especially apparent where I have an action that changes the session and then immediately calls to a new page. When it hits the new page the load balancer sometimes hits a different instance that does not have the current session data.

All of this is more or less what I expected, my question is if I switch to using Redis or Memcached for session data is there still a lag like with the database or is the lag unique to database sessions?

Thank you

do you have indexes on the tables used for session storage?

Yes, I do.
And I need to update this anyway.

I changed from J2EE to Application in session type and any issues I had went away.

The docs are a little confusing about the session type required for the different storage options.
Everything that I read or could find indicated that I needed J2EE for session sharing, but I could only get it to work properly with the database if set to Application.

have you got a link to the confusing docs?