Sftp with SSH using cfftp

I’m trying to open a connection to a secure FTP server using a RSA key pair.

Adobe cf code would be

<cfset settings = {
	server= 		"remote-connection.com" ,
	user= 		"orangexception" ,
	passphrase=	"theRefreshingException"
	secure= 		1 ,
	directory=		"/" ,
	connection=	"SFTPWithRSAKey" ,
	key=			"e:/xact/path/to/PrivateOpenSSHKey" } />
<cfftp action=		"open" 
	connection=	"#settings.connection#"
	server=		"#settings.server#"
	username=	"#settings.user#"
	key=			"#settings.key#"	
	password=		"#settings.passphrase#"
	secure=		"#settings.secure#"
	stopOnError=	"yes"
	retryCount=	1 />

But Lucee does not allow the key= option for cfftp. Instead it has the fingerprint= option.
I tried to open the connection with just the fingerprint, but failed. Is SSH with public/privat Keys supposed to work with Lucee or is it still not supported?

We use JSch for any sFTP Connctions. We don’t use the private key authentification, but the website says it is supported:


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This is worth a look

I’m also using JSch which is working fine with key auth. But we are changing the server so I thought to check out if Lucee might support sFTP with SSH in the mean time.

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Vote for this Ticket

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https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1003 is fixed for Lucee

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