SEVERE [ajp-nio-8009-exec-678] ... ThreadDeath

This line is filling up my logs at about 100+MB:

SEVERE [ajp-nio-8009-exec-678]$SocketProcessor.doRun Error running socket processor
	at java.base/java.lang.Thread.stop(

What does it mean?
Is generating an error.

It means Lucee is killing long running requests. Use FusionReactor to find out why you have long running requests, and consider increasing your request timeout. It can be hard on the server when Lucee murders requests dead like that.

please always mention the Lucee version when posting problems (Gelert)

what does your memory / cpu usage look like? are either maxed out?

No. 48 GB of RAM on the machine. 16 GB dedicated to Tomcat/Java

Lucee install under tomcat

Lucee install for a client with 2 users (small CFM app for scheduling clients of theirs - no errors in the logs).

Lucee install for my own project (I am only user)

Memory Heap is around 20%
Non Memory Heap is around 14%


Can you try the latest 5.3.2 snapshot?

I can do that. But I think it might have been related to an old app that was used for logging (IronGate). Once I disabled that, things calmed down.

Following up on this… Since removing IronGate CF app (error logging tool), this has not been an issue.

Seems it was a known issue

Even tho it’s old, it shouldn’t be able to crashing Lucee like that, I have filed a bug

DUDE!! That’s awesome! Thank you! Even if it’s never solved, it’s nice to know a) I’m not THAT crazy and b) you guys don’t stop trying!

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it’s good to have reproducible bugs! digging into it was interesting

For some reason Lucee itself is sending HEAD requests back to the current URL, which is just a template with a simple cfthrow expression, causing a recursive error loop. I can’t see anything in the irongate.cfm which causes that