Setup Lucee with OPS (LiteSpeed)

Do you happen to have a simple instruction list or better yet, an example config file for simple self-hosted OLS + Lucee config (no WP or Cyberpanel hosting, nor Docker)?

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Do you want to host just one domain on the instance?

Negative. I intend to run multiple domains under one instance of OpenLiteSpeed as a web server that sends just the CFM requests to (also 1 instance of) Lucee app server, both installed “natively” (directly) without the need of Docker, WP or anything else. Why complicate it more than this?

I found an online Apache httpd config file converter to oLSWS, but it doesn’t do it very well beyond basic virtualhosts listing. So if you happen to have a functioning config file, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

If you want to host more than one site in Lucee, you’ll need to mimic the mod_cfml headers in your Litespeed server and make sure you have the Mod CFML Tomcat valve installed on the Lucee side.

If your goal is just the simplest server setup possible, have you considered CommandBox? It has the web server built in for you (based on JBoss Undertow) and you can activate ModCFML as a built in feature and spoof the headers all within your server.json file. It does have a few limitations currently, such as if you need different SSL certs per host, etc.

Also, I moved this to a new topic.

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