Setup Lucee on Ubuntu 16.04

Is there a guide for setting up Lucee on Ubuntu 16.04?

Not specifically. There are several different ways to setup Lucee with the easiest being using the installer. If you use the installer and already have Apache HTTPD installed on your Ubuntu install, it will install the Apache connector for you as well.

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If you want to use nginx as the web server instead of Apache you can use this script: it uses the version of tomcat bundled by ubuntu so that tomcat can be updated using apt-get.

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I’ve tried setting up with tomcat7 but I don’t know where the configuration, binary or control directories are for tomcat? Ubuntu Newbie here… but would love to move from Windows / ColdFusion setup to Lucee. Thanks for any pointers!

@Alis - If you are referring to the installer from the Lucee website, you don’t need to have Tomcat installed already, the installer has it included, along with the JVM, so everything needed in one installer. Just run the installer from the command line and follow the instructions.

FYI for Ubuntu 16.04 you should use tomcat8, it still allows you to install tomcat7 for backwards compatibility but tomcat8 is more current.

But as andrew suggests the easiest way is to use the installer with apache, it will install a bundled version of tomcat for you.

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To answer your question about where the configuration is for tomcat on Ubuntu when you install tomcat8 using apt-get it will put the config files in /etc/tomcat8/ you would start stop tomcat using sudo service tomcat8 restart

Thanks @andrew! I ran an fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.2 with LAMP. Then I ran and voila! Lucee!

Thanks again!