Setting error templates

Comning from an ACF background, general error templates are set in the backend Administrator.

Can see in Lucee Admin that these can be set under Settings - Error but, when my custom error template is called then the error scope doesn’t seem to be available.

Conversely, if I set the same custom error template using a tag then, on error (and in the same template) I now do get the error scope.

Any ideas, is simply setting it in the admin ‘broken’ and it needs to be set using ?

@ASKemp When create a template in admin Settings - Error, the error details are not passed in the error variable instead it was available in cfcatch. But cfcatch doesn’t have the all keys like the error variable.

Already have a ticket for this issue in Jira: [LDEV-3739] - Lucee
Related mailing list: Error variable structure

Thanks for confirming. So interim solution is to use CFERROR then for cross ACF/Lucee compatibility.