Session storage memory vs. dsn

Our Application reloads some informations (e.g. you switch the tab, it reloads the lastest data).
If the session storage is set to memory, the application works fine.
If the session storage is set to dsn, the reload after ~10 minutes redirects as the session is expired. The expires timestamp in the datasource table is valid for 2 hours.
The datasource is set as storage ( Allow using this datasource for client/session/log storage.).
The sessionCluster is not set as this is only one instance using the datasource (right now as active/backup)

Any ideas why this database session storage is not working after ~ 10 minutes? Thanks for your support!

OS: Ubuntu 20 LTS
Java Version: 11 / 1.8
Tomcat Version: 9 / 8.5
Lucee Version: /

What does the cookies expiration date look like?

Thanks for your reply, the cfid Cookie expires on 2022-08-15. (that is about 3 weeks from now, for the records)

try setting the scope.log to trace, that will log out all the session actions with the db

“07/26/2022”,“09:59:53”,“scope-context”,"load existing data from [lucee_sessions.cf_session_data] to create session scope for B9832120B9EA0F1D173043ABC15A8F7E/8a6f500a-b987-440e-b>
“INFO”,“http-nio-8888-exec-1”,“07/26/2022”,“09:59:53”,“scope-context”,"UPDATE cf_session_data SET expires=‘1658829593167’, data=’…’


“07/26/2022”,“10:05:03”,“scope-context”,“remove from memory session scope for B9832120B9EA0F1D173043ABC15A8F7E/8a6f500a-b987-440e-bfe3-656c2d4f83d7 from storage lucee_sessions”

… waiting and a click in the frontend…

“07/26/2022”,“10:06:26”,“scope-context”,"SELECT data FROM cf_session_data WHERE cfid=‘8a6f500a-b987-440e-bfe3-656c2d4f83d7’ AND name=‘B9832120B9EA0F1D173043ABC15A8F7E’ AND expires >

“07/26/2022”,“10:06:26”,“scope-context”,"load existing data from [lucee_sessions.cf_session_data] to create session scope for B9832120B9EA0F1D173043ABC15A8F7E/8a6f500a-b987-440e-b…

Content of the database (lucee_sessions.cf_session_data):

Any ideas? Is this a lucee bug?

Any ideas? Should i try something else than a database storage?

yeah, that could be a good idea,

sorry don’t have time to dive into debugging this one at the moment

Did you set a value for this.sessionTimeout in Application.cfc? If so, what’s the value?

The SessionTimeout ist set within the Application.cfc to 2 hours.
In the Lucee Admin it is set to 30 minutes.