Server.cfm error - java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Hi all,

Has anyone ever seen the following when trying to load up the Lucee Server admin?

I can open web.cfm just fine, but can’t get into the server admin whatsoever. This is on Lucee on Amazon Linux 2, on an EC2 machine. I’ve ensured the WEB-INF folder is owned by root:root (the user that Lucee is currently running under whilst I get it all setup).

I’ve tried deleting the whole WEB-INF folder, restarting Lucee and having it recreated, but it doesn’t solve the problem (apart from removing my datasources in the web admin, which I then have to re-add).

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

do you have the captcha login enabled? I think the problem might be your server is headless and doesn’t have the font packages installed

try installing fontconfig & ttf-dejavu

as this issue comes up over and over again, I have filed a bug to improve the error handling in this situation

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lovely stuff, right on the money Zac! I installed fontconfig & ttf-dejavu and now it all runs nicely!

Yea, I extensively googled the error code and found precious little useful information on the web, so a bit of more descriptive error reporting would be useful here.

Thank you so much!

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