Server admin borked after update

I just tried to apply the update to our production server and it failed with a missing include error. Thankfully, our website doesn’t appear to have been affected, just admin.for both server & web

Anyone seen this before & thoughts on how to fix?

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Server2019
Java Version:
Tomcat Version: 9. something
Lucee Version: ???

Apologies upfront if I am stating the obvious…
But you haven;t mentioned what you did or didn’t try - so I am just shotting from the hip…

Did you check if the file actually exists?
If it does - what are the permissions like?

What was the version before the upgrade?
What was the version of the launcher?
How did you perform the upgrade?
Did you perform the upgrade with a user that has ADMIN rights?
Did you use the Administrator account?

Extra tests…
Did you restart the services after the upgrade?
Did you restart the server?

All these things can be useful in helping you and on the off-chance - might highlight something you haven’t tried…

Was simply using the built in update in server admin.

Have never seen an update fail like that.

That said, I was able to restart the service over the weekend and it worked fine.

Not sure if that’s a bug in the installer or just a quirk of my setup.

and FWIW…I did look on Friday and there are no files in the path in the error …\lucee\context\admin just some sub folders. This was the case for my Dev server as well and is still the case now that it’s working again…So I assume there’s some kind of mapping going on?

Hi @Jay_B, again…

What version of Lucee were you at before the upgrade?
What version of Lucee was the original install done with - before any updates?
(I.e. what is known as the “launcher” version.)

With the above information, I could give it a go and see if the error is reproducible or not.
Could well just be a “ghost in the machine”… which is annoying - but good to hear it is working after the restart.

It was 5.3.9 and I think .133 but not entirely sure.

Honestly don’t know the original install. It’s been live since we switched from Railo.

I just had a thought about what may have caused it looking at the UI of the update screen. I may have reflexively clicked the Update button (under Custom providers) after the execute button. I mean…it’s an Update screen right?

I could see this possibly disrupting the install. Tried to reproduce it on my dev server but couldn’t but might depend on when it was clicked. Maybe disable the update button after Execute is clicked? Edge case-y but…

@Jay_B Can you share the steps on how you updated to version?

Logged in to server admin page, clicked the execute button with the default build selected (10,97)

I just did a down grade and upgrade on my dev server and you can cause all sorts of mayhem by clicking the Update button in the custom service providers section after clicking Execute. Like these (plus the one in the first post)

The good news is the errors don’t seem to be fatal to the upgrade and a reload of the page or a restart of the service seems to fix things.

That said, probably a good idea to disable that button after clicking the Execute button to prevent people like me from being stupid ;p


This happend to me before. Just clear lucee cfclasses in web-inf folder and no error after that.

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