Seeking CFML/Lucee freelance developer

There’s doesn’t seem to be any category for this type of request, so I hope it’s appropriate to post here.

I’m looking for some freelance help with a project that we have going on that’s running under Lucee. The core project is a dashboard that I put together that basically imports various reports (excel/csv/xml) into a database and then surfaces the data with calculations and visualizations. There’s still more work to be done on this. Other components that need to be developed for this dashboard are a broadcast messaging function (email and maybe sms) and employee discussions (blog w/ comments and/or forums).

Let me know if you’re interested or know of someone that is.


This is certainly something that a few people can handle and depending on what you are looking for I am sure can help?

David, What’s the contact info? could handle this. Please feel free to contact me or let me know your contact details to discuss about this.


What is your contact info. I am more than 12 years of experience in ColdFusion / Lucee, SQL, Javascript and Angular.