Can anyone tell me the format of the search.xml? The schedule.xml inside the lucee/scheduler directory is created correctly, but the search.xml never ever does. If I can populate this file I can just replace it every time I need to restart lucee instead of deleting it and dealing with whatever is happening here incorrectly on every restart.

I have sometimes the problem, the file is created with 0 bytes and lucee throws an error (still lucee 4.5). Here is the search.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <collection created="{ts '2018-11-25 21:21:01'}" language="german"
        lastUpdate="{ts '2018-11-25 21:22:33'}" name="name_of_my_search_collection" path="/path/to/project">
        <index category="" categoryTree="" custom1="foobar"
            custom2="foo bar test"
            extensions="htm,html,cfm,cfml,dbm,dbml" id="custom"
            key="a_primary_id" query="objQuery" type="custom"/>
        <index category="" categoryTree="" custom1="downloads"
            custom2="Downloads" extensions="pdf"
            key="/path/to/project/upload" type="path" urlpath="/upload"/>

What lucee version do you use?

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Lucee But it was happening on my earlier 5.x.x installs as well. Hurray! I can restart my server now and not have my client tell me “hey, search broke again” ;).