Scheduler failing to pause/running at incorrect time

I am having a problem with the scheduler. Although I paused the only two scheduled events that I have set up, they are continuing to run. I paused them a couple of days ago, and each day I get a report that they ran.

To make matters worse, they are running at the wrong time. For example I have one run at 1:00am EST, however it’s running at 2:30pm EST

Anybody have any ideas? Is this a possible bug?


Windows Server 2022
IIS 10
Java 11.0.21
Tomcat Version 9.0
MS SQL 2022

Try restarting lucee and see what happens.

will do. I will have to report back in 24+ hours to give it time to fail

Rebooted and it appears to have fixed the problem. I am wondering if it’s the same when I switch them on. I’m reluctant to reboot as the platform is now live, so I’ll wait until I need them running and see what happens, if they don’t start, I’ll reboot (Or better still- recreate them as new ones started no problem). As I am not running them yet, I’m not sure if they will run at the right time, it’s not a massive issue for me, but not ideal

Mark, if you’d rather not “wait” to see what happens, here’s a couple of ideas to diagnose things further.

First, you could just change the url in the task to something else. It can be a url like (if you want to just use the lucee logs to determine if/when it ran), or some other simple test cfm page on your lucee instance (if you want to do some other tracking such as email, db insert, log).

Second, since you say you paused the tasks and they continued to run, it could be that they were running from some OTHER unexpected instance (test, dev, old prod, etc.) As such, you could check to see the ip of who called the url, whether as tracked in the web server logs, or in fr, or by adding code to the called page to dump the cgi.remote_addr.

Otherwise, I guess we’ll wait to see what you report next.


Reporting back

I turned on the scheduler rather than wait until I actually needed it, and it appeared to work just fine, and it also ran at the right time (with no reboots)

I turned it off, and it stopped, again with no reboots)

I also set up a new one and it worked fine, at the right time, no reboot

It looks like there was a quirk when I first set them up which a reboot fixed.