Scheduled tasks stopping on their own

I’m in the midst of migrating a bunch of scheduled tasks from an old ACF server to a Linux-based Lucee server, and I’m running into this weird problem with my tasks shutting down.

I have three tasks scheduled. Task 1 runs at 12:01:am, Task 2 runs at 12:10am, and Task 3 is scheduled to run at 12:20am.

Task 1 runs fine
Task 2 runs fine
Task 3 does not run

When I check the scheduler log, I see this set of entries for each task:

"INFO","Thread-4","05/08/2024","00:12:43","scheduler","stopping task [task1]"
"INFO","Thread-4","05/08/2024","00:12:43","scheduler","stopping task thread [task1]"
"INFO","Thread-4","05/08/2024","00:12:43","scheduler","task thread [task1] stopped"
"INFO","Thread-6946","05/08/2024","00:12:43","schedule task:task1","ending task"
"INFO","Thread-4","05/08/2024","00:12:43","scheduler","task [task1] stopped"

What could be going on here?
Task 3 ran fine a few days ago, but this has happened the last two days in a row.


OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Java: OpenJDK 11.0.22
Tomcat: 9.0.80

what is the third tasking doing?
did you check its file permissions?
if you run the task manually, does it work?

It does a bunch of stuff, and it runs fine if I execute it manually.

This maybe sound redundant but

when you run it manually, you are sudoing the lucee service user and then execute the script by calling curl or a terminal browser and hitting the internal interface for that script?

I ask, as this is where permissions effect code.

I have done it both ways – via a script that uses cfschedule() to run the task, and by using curl in the shell.

I feel like focusing on task3 itself might be a red herring, because as you can see in the logs, all the tasks are being stopped minutes before task3 is scheduled to run.

Without the code and or full log(s) its all speculative.

Try recreating the task as a new task and remove task 3, and see if that helps.