Scheduled Tasks - Poor user experience : Possible bug?

Hi Everyone,
On my prod server we have scheduled tasks defined in the CFAdmin.(web).
When attempting to edit a schedule;

If you click on the “tab” to change from once to daily / weekly / etc…
You get dumped back at the {home} screen for viewing / selecting scheduled tasks.
You are not prompted to save the change you just made - the save is automatic.

If you want to actually edit the schedule you have just chosen, you have to re-choose the scheduled task you were just in.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Ubuntu (AWS) v5
Java Version: OpenJDK 11
Lucee Version: AND

Yes, It’s a bug and already have a ticket in Jira: LDEV-3225 - Admin - schedule task interval change was submits the page.

Thanks for the verification…
Once again - forgot to check the tickets, first, sorry!