Scheduled Tasks disappearing (sporadically)

Running Lucee 5.7.47 on Windows R2012 w/ Tomcat 10

We upgraded our servers to this version (from 4.5, I think) earlier this year. I set up our scheduled tasks, manually via Luce Administrator. I noticed that even after restarting the services, these did not exist in the schedulder.xml file and that this file lives in a slightly different path from the older version. Since then we’ve 2 instances where all of a sudden, one day, all the tasks are gone from the admin and not running. This happened in July and I re-added the tasks. Everything was fine (even through several server reboots) and then 8/25 it happened again. I re-added the tasks and copied the content of the old scheduler.xml file to the new one.

Time will tell if that has anything to do with it, but I wanted to see if anyone knew if this, or something else could cause scheduled tasks, created in the Admin to disapear?


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We noticed disappearing scheduled tasks after upgrading Lucee to most current version. This happened a few times… Running on Linux

Try the latest release

Yes, I am on Lucee and noticed a couple weeks ago that scheduled tasks no longer run. I created a task through cfschedule task and can see that it’s there, but it doesn’t run. So I manually created it in the admin, and it’s listed there, not paused, but it doesn’t run. If I manually load the page that has been tasked, it runs.

@Zackster Here’s an even weirder issue, that I noticed today:

We have this version of Lucee running on several virtual servers (all running Lucee 5.7.47 on Windows R2012 w/ Tomcat 10). Yesterday I set up a new scheduled task via the admin, on just one of the servers. I have a notification email set up in the page that task runs and this morning I noticed that I had 3 of what appear to be the same notification email. I logged on to each VM and noticed that the new task was in the list of scheduled tasks (again in the admin) on one of the servers that I did not set it up on.

How is this possible? This server and the one I set it up on are not clustered together in any way where data would be shared or synced, between them. Could it have anything to do with the possibility that the installation file for this version of Lucee may have been copied from one machine and then installed/updated on the other? Maybe some info on where/how the scheduled tasks created in the admin are stored in this version of Lucee (i.e. in a local folder (which, it doesn’t seem like this version uses the scheduler.xml file…which exists, but doesn’t line up with current scheduled tasks in admin). Any info on how a scheduled task in the admin could propagate out to another machine, would be greatly appreciated.


Upgraded to latest version of Lucee this morning and scheduled tasks still don’t run. We’re now manually launching the task pages with a new meta refresh line added to the the head tag until it’s figured out.

Where would I look to see if there’s an error or some sort of report of failed scheduling?

What do you exactly mean with 'installation files"? The Lucee installer that you get from the Lucee download site?

I think we may have nailed down our issues here: I took a deeper look at the Web Admin System Information and noticed that we are using the same file location, which is on our file server (that all servers can access files from) for the lucee-web.xml configuration file. I’m guessing that is why we are seeing scheduled tasks appear and disappear from different Lucee instances on different servers. I know we did this for a reason, based on some advice we got when we upgraded this version. However, I think we may only need that for our load balanced website servers (which don’t run scheduled tasks). So, tonight we are going to reset the config file location on the server that is supposed to run our scheduled tasks, to the the local directory on that machine and see if that resolves our issues. I will post an update here, once we know if it’s resolved or not. Thanks