Scheduled Tasks (Daily) NOT running in

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We upgraded our job servers (2 completely independent Lucee servers with staggered timing for scheduled tasks) over the weekend to… All jobs are scheduled in ADMIN \ SCHEDULED TASKS. The scheduler.xml was copied from the old server to the new (for obvious reasons - about 60 Schedule Tasks). After reboots - Seemed like jobs were running great (about 25 each minute each / staggered appropriately).

Noticed this morning that SOME DAILY jobs did not fire at all (on either of two completely independent boxes).

We have Box 1 firing at 03:15 EST - no log file. The output of the job (which it to create a bunch of emails) did not happen.

We have Box 2 firing this same job at 03:30 EST (locally, each have copy of Prod code) - No job on this box either…

Yet - Another job that is scheduled for 5:20 DID run fine…???

We failed one box back to so that we can get up-and-running…

We’ve kept the other one on to try and replicate the behavior. The issue IS replicating.

When I hit “EXECUTE” - the job runs fine. When it is on a DAILY schedule - it will not run at the appropriate time. Ran this test 4 times.

When I manually rebuild the task, with the exact same settings (Daily, logging, time, etc) - it works.

So - Is this some type of regression / migration issue? I thought the Scheduler.xml was supposed to be completely portable between versions (again, for obvious reasons)???

I’m noticing a new feature in Scheduled Tasks called “Run Exclusive” - is this where the trouble is coming from? Since this XML was migrated, and that feature didn’t exist before, I could see there being an issue. I would have hoped that because the feature is NOT selected, the Daily Scheduled Tasks would still run… And why are my other Scheduled Tasks running? Confusing…

No firewall issues blocking those requests?

Which level did you set for your scheduler.log?

Thanks guys.

  1. No firewall issues… As mentioned, when I run the job by hitting “Execute” - everything runs fine. ALSO - About 50 other jobs (all set to “EVERY”) run fine.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “log level” - in the Admin \ Scheduled Tasks - there is a checkbox:

“Sets, whether the response of server will be stored in a file or not”

This is checked… Again - for all jobs. Logs are writing fine for those that are running.

This feels like a regression bug…

ok, file a bug, can you include an example scheduler.xml entry which doesn’t work


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