Scheduled Task Interval of Less than 10 secs

I’ve been impressed with Lucee so far, but one disappointment is that it won’t let me run a scheduled task interval less than 10 seconds. Seems artificially too high. ACF lets you go down to 1 second. Is there a work around or override?

Hi @MDR ,
Can you please post your lucee version, it helps me to find out the issue.

I’ve checked with lucee, schedule task working fine for me. Executed with specified interval of time.


Also to be clear I’m referencing a manually created scheduled task through web admin. When I try to set an interval to 3 seconds, it tells me the interval must be longer than 10 seconds.

In Lucee, interval must be in greater than or equal to 10 seconds. This is a minimum required value for a scheduled task. @micstriit will have more input on this.

If I recall when this came up years ago, I think the input from the engineering team at the time was that you should use an event gateway if you wanted polling to happen sooner than every 10 seconds. I believe the overhead of spinning up a scheduled task may start to be a diminishing return. An event gateway will give you a persistent thread that just sites in a wait loop and can poll as often as you want.

That sounds like a neat idea! They aren’t used enough IMHO!

Actually, you can just create a EventGateway of type TaskRunner with the settings below and you get something running a task every second!



Excellent. That will get the job done. Thanks.

Totally agree these never get enough attention. Ever since Adobe released gateways as enterprise only features in their first incarnation they just withered and died in the minds of solution architects everywhere. Would be great to see some decent every day use cases publicised.

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This is another thing that we should be able to register an event Gateway as part of an application… (maybe you can, I haven’t looked??) And then we can have it all setup that way.