Scheduled task execution log

Hey all - running Lucee
Is there a scheduled task execution log? I see the scheduler log that contains scheduler exceptions. Then I see the ability to write the http response output from a task’s execution to a file.

I can definitely write something in the code that is called by each task - say to pass a param indicating that it is being called by the scheduler and use cflog to write start and end times to a custom log file - something like that.

I just like to have easy visibility into what is running and what is not, helping to identify tasks that are no longer running - I think could do something like use the admin API to compare my logged tasks to the list of tasks- to force attention to tasks that are just not running - or are failing and [bad] admins like me aren’t checking the scheduler logs every day.

Default log level in Lucee is error, bump any of the standard log files log levels up and you’ll see way more detailed logging

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