Scalability, Security & Concurrency of Lucee

I am in process of choosing technology stack for a new LMS (Learning management system) application. Other stacks are PHP, Java, .Net.
Wanted to know how much scalable, secure Lucee server can be? Also how many concurrent users standard lucee server can serve.

I have never worked with Lucee before.

Very broad based questions without any real details.

Without details nobody can tell you even remotely how many concurrent users, or even what you may consider a concurrent user is, let alone how many your application can handle at any given moment.

Each technology you are looking at has their strengths and weaknesses and each will scale depending on how your application is written.

It comes down to, how munch time are you willing to invest, and how much money are you willing to invest.

ColdFusion runs on top of a java application server, where as PHP and .Net are binaries. For speed, easy of development and overall cross platform compatibility, you would be hard pressed to find anything else that comes close to ColdFusion.

As for security, given that Lucee is an open source product, like many other open source projects the community addresses security bugs far quicker than closed languages like .Net.

Lucee direct compiles to java bytecode which runs on the JVM so it can have very good performance and scales quite well. Concurrent users are only limited by how many threads your servlet container spins up and the number of connections created by your web server proxy. Really, you’ll find Lucee comparable with any other web based platform.

As far as security, I’ve found Lucee to be very secure, but at the end of the day, most vulns come from poor application code. All the tools are there for you to use (XSS escaping, parameterized queries, crypto, etc) it’s just up to you to use them. As far as vulns found in the engine, Lucee takes those very seriously had has a track record of patching anything very quickly. While Lucee is open source, most of the development work is paid for by the association members so you actually have profession support available to you as well as an active organization looking after the product.

You say you’ve never worked with Lucee. Are you new to CFML in general, or have you used Adobe ColdFusion as well? CFML is a great language, and Lucee is a very solid and fast server so I’m sure you can use it well to meet your business needs.

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