S3 filesystem and sub-folders within a bucket

Windows, Java 11, Lucee 5.3.8 via commandbox 5.4.2

I’m trying to upload a file using the S3 filesystem to a sub-folder in a bucket for the first time and getting an error. The same code directly to the bucket root (ie: removing the subfolder path) works perfectly. Is it not possible to write to a subfolder?

fileMove( "#getTempDirectory()#\#uploadedFile.serverFile#", "s3://my-web-assets/img/
    avatars/#filename#" )


can't write file [s3:///my-web-assets/img/
avatars/1.jpg] as a file, missing parent directory [s3:///my-web-assets/img/

Following up, I just realized there is a 2.x beta S3 extension so I updated. Now the error message is gone, but it does not upload the file.

It does still upload to the root, but not a subfolder.

Please excuse the obvious question… but… did you also create the subfolder(s) first before uploading the file to it? CF won’t create it unless you code CFML to do so.

Yes - the folder exists and I can upload to it manually via the console.