Running PHP on a server running with Lucee

Linux debian 10
php 7.3
apache 2.4

All the sites run with Lucee, all domains are directed with the apache virtual host ,
What to do, what do I need to get to a PHP file running (IP adress with a port, a domain name) ?
(php is installed)
I do not understand what to call in a URL to access PHP file ?
I am not a specialist in the environment software (linux, apache),
Then I try to undestand and make it work.
Thanks for help (if simple).

Depending on how you have PHP and apache setup, you can use PHP-FPM (event based) to run PHP files.
you do not need to do anything special at all.

you can configure this per virtual host or machine wide
the default install is machine wide, and all you need to run a php file is create a file with the.php extenstion and post some code such as

<?php echo 'I Love Lucee'; ?>

Depends what you want to do exactly. I’ve running PHP for a Wordpress dev site besides Lucee for a friend who had losts of issues with his wordpress application (plugin nightmares). But that’s running on a different virtual host, isolated from Lucee cfml web apps. How do you want to run it? As a seperate PHP site or on the same site, just redirecting PHP specific pages to the php engine?

Yes, as a seperate PHP site, to start simple.
Then how to configure a Virtual Host for PHP files without any domain name (servername) for the moment ? Just to check PHP is running.
I have a file called : 000-default.conf in apache2 sites-available
Can I use this ?

After trials, It seems it is working.
I just put the address in the URL like :

Then I get the PHPadmin login panel.

I suppose, that when I have a domain name,
I should create a virtual host with the right DocumentRoot and directory

Thanks for advise.

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@Pierre_Larde installing a site with php is pretty easy and straight forward. If I remember well, on linux ubuntu its just an apt get command that installs the files and the apache modules and another command to reload the apache web server. There are lots of walk troughs all over the web if you google it. You shouldn’t get many issues.