Running Mura 7 on Lucee 6


I have run into an issue trying to run Mura 7 on Lucee It looks like this:

Here is the reason and how to fix it:

Actually, the underlying problem is, that core.mura.utility.cfc contains a custom function named queryToStruct() Because Lucee 6 introduced a function of the same name and purpose, this custom implementation now conflicts with the built in function. This prevents the bean instantiation and results in that error from beanFactory.

To fix this, the queryToStruct() function in the core.mura.utility.cfc has to be commented out, and then Mura would start and run on Lucee 6. Actually, a search in the Mura 7 codebase shows, that nothing is calling that function anyway.

This is not issue in Mura 6, which in my experience runs on Lucee 6 without any modifications.

Hope that it might help someone.