Running Lucee on Azure

I’m looking into hosting options and Azure looks interesting, especially coz I’m using
sql server and the pricing for azure sql looks like a quite nice option.

a couple of questions

  1. is it ok to install lucee on the system os c drive? the documentation doesn’t really clearly cover that
    beyond yelling the d drive is temporary storage

  2. Is anyone using lucee with the azure app service? maybe I’m just missing something but the
    app services pricing looks more expensive that just running a vm?

i.e the basic app service plan
B2 2 cores 3.50 GB 10 GB ~$178.16/month

i.e a basic vm plan
A2 2 cores 3.50 GiB 60 GiB ~$135.52/month

Hi Zac,

I am hosting a few applications on Azure, and using VMs. Installing Lucee on the C drive is no problem at all, though I use Ubuntu Linux VMs. They are far cheaper :slight_smile:
In case you want to use their “blob storage” data storage, instead of storing images etc. directly on the vm, you migh want to check out

Cheers, Paul

cheers @frinky! that looks very useful…

from looking at the test.cfm, this enables support for azure:// blob urls?

the existing s3 support in lucee doesn’t work with azure?

S3 also works from Azure, that’s no problem at all.
I decided to try and use the Azure storage, because it was the nearest storage location. And I wanted to try and create my own resource provider for Lucee. It did give me major headaches, and I needed to hack around some Lucee issues, but it’s working now.

Trying to get Lucee/Farcry/NGINX set up using Azure Container Instances…I’m trying to modify the default Host Context in the TOMCAT conf to be /var/www/farcry/projects/fandango/www and I get an error of “502 Bad Gateway”. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi Zac. Old post, but did you end up using Azure? I’m also looking at this now and would appreciate any tips on appropriate VM sizes or anything else relevant to hosting Lucee (on Windows) in Azure.

nah, not yet

Any particular reason?

I wanted to finish my PHD on cloud pricing before making a decision!

nah, just wasn’t a priority for the business, ain’t broke don’t fix n all

Feel the same about the complexity. Have been wading through course after course trying to wrap my head around it. I can’t see it being cheaper than our current bare-metal setup, but can see it gives you a huge amount of control over your hosting, while allowing offloading of some of the responsibility (e.g. for maintaining database servers).

Anyone else using Azure in production?

I ended up running on an a FOD 2019 windows 2019 core instance (aka GUI on demand - we were getting pretty much same speeds out of that as ubuntu from Azure also which is awesome) as I had full control.

There was an article somewhere a couple of years ago about how to setup lucee on a azure website by enabling tomcat and dropping the war on that.

You can also search this forum for several other solutions to setting up with Azure.

including the azure resource provider for storage:

It would be great to get an all in one setup guide for Azure websites.

you can also run up an azure web app as a docker container, so would be interested to see how that would go with lucee also.