Running Lucee on Azure


I’m looking into hosting options and Azure looks interesting, especially coz I’m using
sql server and the pricing for azure sql looks like a quite nice option.

a couple of questions

  1. is it ok to install lucee on the system os c drive? the documentation doesn’t really clearly cover that
    beyond yelling the d drive is temporary storage

  2. Is anyone using lucee with the azure app service? maybe I’m just missing something but the
    app services pricing looks more expensive that just running a vm?

i.e the basic app service plan
B2 2 cores 3.50 GB 10 GB ~$178.16/month

i.e a basic vm plan
A2 2 cores 3.50 GiB 60 GiB ~$135.52/month


Hi Zac,

I am hosting a few applications on Azure, and using VMs. Installing Lucee on the C drive is no problem at all, though I use Ubuntu Linux VMs. They are far cheaper :slight_smile:
In case you want to use their “blob storage” data storage, instead of storing images etc. directly on the vm, you migh want to check out

Cheers, Paul


cheers @frinky! that looks very useful…

from looking at the test.cfm, this enables support for azure:// blob urls?

the existing s3 support in lucee doesn’t work with azure?


S3 also works from Azure, that’s no problem at all.
I decided to try and use the Azure storage, because it was the nearest storage location. And I wanted to try and create my own resource provider for Lucee. It did give me major headaches, and I needed to hack around some Lucee issues, but it’s working now.


Trying to get Lucee/Farcry/NGINX set up using Azure Container Instances…I’m trying to modify the default Host Context in the TOMCAT conf to be /var/www/farcry/projects/fandango/www and I get an error of “502 Bad Gateway”. Does anyone have any experience with this?