Retrieving lost datasource password

Is there any mechanism to decrypt the database password from a particular lucee (or railo) application server? The lucee-server xml file shows an encrypted version of the password. Is there any possible decryption mechanism to retrieve the original password? The SQL server has been abandoned (unsupported) and the ONLY viable connection is through the lucee administrator.

Yes, use CFConfig CLI. It can be used on any Lucee server.

Also, the library that handles passwords in CFConfig is on ForgeBox.

I’m trying to post the links here, but my phone is being stupid. I may have to add them later from my PC :confused:

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Thank you! Will investigate…

Ok, here are the links that for some reason wouldn’t paste from my phone

CFConfig is a module for CommandBox CLI that can read and write config from or to any Lucee or Adobe server. So you can just download the box binary (Homebrew for Mac, apt/yum for Linux) then install CFConfig

$> box install commandbox-cfconfig

Then you can run box and use CFConfig to view your settings

CommandBox> cfconfig datasource list from=/path/to/lucee-server/context

The plaintext passwords will show up in the output of that command :point_up_2:

And finally, here is the standalone password library that CFConfig uses: