Resolve File Usage in Lucee

Currently we are migrating a application from CF to Lucee.
We are getting the below error:
cannot load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specified name [coldfusion.runtime.TemplateProxyFactory] could be found caused by

In CF we are using the coldfusion.runtime.TemplateProxyFactory for resolving a file. Is there any alternative to use the same in lucee.
Below is the Coldfusion code currently used:

oProxy = createObject(“java”, “coldfusion.runtime.TemplateProxyFactory”);
oFile = createObject(“java”, “”).init( expandPath(xmlNode.xmlAttributes.class) );
oService = oProxy.resolveFile(getPageContext(), oFile);

What do you mean by resolve? Expandpath doesn’t work?

ResolveFile is used to list out all the methods from that file.See the screenshot attached.

So you want all the functions on a cfc file? have your tried getMetaData()