Request / Suggestion for water cooler category

First, what i’m going to write does not fill this category, however, currently there’s no proper category for it.

The idea, suggestion or request is to create / add a new category, which would function like the “Water-cooler” under cfml slack channel. Thus, we can post, discuss anything else that does fit into all current categories. I would think it would be beneficial.

Thanks in advance.

No, this is for Lucee.

Any posts to do with the development of applications using Lucee or the development of Lucee itself are welcome on this forum. What topics that fall out side of those areas do you envisage being beneficial?

@modius ok, whatever we do is to serve a purpose, Lucee happens to be a great programming language. Now, let’s say, someone wants to see if applying the expertise of a branch of AI to a business process to make it more efficient or otherwise generating better outcome and he/she can try it with Lucee or another language. But he may want others’ opinion as well. So, his question would not be fitting for Lucee. But others may think Lucee would be ideal for it. Thus, it’s in the grey zone.

the thing is, you have a long, long history of posting completely unrelated OT posts.

Lucee topics like what you just described is fine, but you’ve posted php questions and other stuff before

In case it tangles Lucee or Lucees CFML, I would post it here. If not, then I always post it somewhere else.

I see that crossline as a very important one, because otherwise we would have chaos all over the net. Imagine people asking NodeJS questions at JQuery forums, about PHP on Phython, or Javascript questions on VBA? I’,m pretty sure most of them would downgrade your question or bann you.

Post your questions on plattforms more suitable for the topic, or on plattforms with a broader audience and categorization tools like stackoverflow, serverfault or similar. These are perfectly suited for that.