Replacing CFDIV and Coldfusion.Navigate

As I am moving from CF to Lucee I need to sort this tag.
I have a cfdiv that binds to a cfm file (that displays a query in a table).

My problem is when I replace the CFDIV with a normal DIV and use $Ajax.Load.
It wont render the cfm page into the DIV.
If I put a simple html tag at the top of my data.cfm its fine.

So it seems the ajax.load cannot render the server side code in my bound file.

Is this an issue?

actually as the cfdiv tag actually works in Lucee, is there an alternate way of refreshing it.
Currently I use coldfusion.navigate.

Did you find an alternative? I’m in the exact same place… legacy CF site with extensive use of coldfusion.navigate. Grrr… so close to plug and play with Lucee.
Thanks in advance,

I’ve never used cfdiv myself.

Can you show an example of how you would use it and what is the missing feature(s)?

Iv’e never used coldfusion.navigate, but it basically just loads a http request result into an element, it’s easily replaced with a few lines of jquery?

One of the biggest advantages and selling points of ColdFusion in general is non-developers can create applications without having to learn multiple different programming languages and web technologies to make something a functional application.

So what maybe “easy” for you is not necessarily the case for someone else.

It would be a great project for someone to back port some of the ajax functionality to lucee, CFGRID, CFDIV, CFTREE, so on and so forth as that from what I have seen is extensively used in multiple non-profits and other organizations that are running really old versions of ACF but cant migrate to lucee as their applications will break and they lack the technical expertise or resources to figure out jquery or HTML5

jQuery’s load() would do that. e.g. to load the homepage into a div with the id of lucee you can write:


It can be a good project, true, but since most developers have stopped using these “features” long ago, writing full implementations of deprecated features might not be the most effective use of time.

If there are specific questions then there are many here who would be happy to help.

Yes, modern developers have enough common sense to use some great technology of the day to accomplish the same thing that was damn near revolutionary a decade ago. However, many NGO and GO do not have resources to do anything remotely “modern”, and are working on older legacy websites that some non-profits will never give up, but they continue to pay the Adobe tax as long as the functionality remains as its cheaper and easier to pay a once a year fee and upgrade once every couple of years than it is to have a website redeveloped using anything remotely modern.

Terry_Whitney and Jumbofoot, if you need a specific feature added to Lucee, Rasia can probably help out. The Rasia team includes some of the core Lucee development team (Michael Offner, Igal Sapir, Gert Franz) and we provide professional support and custom development for Lucee Server.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at if you want to chat about anything.

Understood and agreed, but the fact is that it is usually much cheaper to modernize the application.

In the case of missing UI tags like cfdiv it should not be too complicated to create a custom tag in Lucee that will implement the required functionality.

That’s the reason I asked for an example:

Also, modernizing the application will likely result in code that is much more maintainable, reducing maintenance costs moving forward.

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