Rename a scheduled task in the Web Admin


In the Web Admin of Lucee, I can’t edit the name of a scheduled task. Is it on purpose? There is an hidden field with the name and not an input type text.

I was able to rename them by editing directly the file in \lucee\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lucee\scheduler\scheduler.xml then restart Lucee.

Is it normal?

Thank you!

@TonyMonast, Yes it is working as you said. We can update the schedule task name through the scheduler.xml file and if we rename the task name means, it doesn’t stop the current task while we used the file path. So, it has logged as same as two times.
And, if we remove the file path means, logged as correctly. But, it should be validated.


As far as I can understand, the task name is the identifier of a scheduled task and this is used as the reference to manipulate/envoke related commands to a scheduled task. Also, the tags cfschedule or cfadmin don’t have a functionality to rename a tasks name. To add this functionality to the web admin, you would need to add additional code beyond cfschedule or cfadmin. So at the moment deleting the old and adding a new one with the same name and attributes would be the way to go, or by editing the scheduler.xml like you’ve done. Editing the scheduler.xml is what I would have done also.

However, it would be a nice enhancement to the web administrator.


Thank you for your answer @cfmitrah and @andreas!

Have a nice day!

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