Remove namespace prefix from Axis SOAP responses, by adding new option in server-config.wsdd

Is there any way I can fork/clone, the:



I need to add a new global param to:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<deployment xmlns=""




        <parameter name="removeMethodNameResponsePrefix" value="[true|false]" />





It is really important that we can remove this n2 namespace. It does not appear when we make an identical call to the ACF11 web service.

It uses the same version of the Axis 1 engine, web service & wsdl etc

I am a Java Dev, as well as a Coldfusion Dev, so I feel I should be able to carry this task out?

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Are you talking about this? I think the Lucee Dev Team is happy to any Java dev around to help them with contributions :clap:

Hi @andreas

Thanks for the reply.
Actually, I am talking about:

I need to be able to interface with a custom global param from server-config.wsdd

This repository you find here GitHub - lucee/osgi-bundle-axis , not sure if its up to date…
But is just uses this version
The sourcecode for that version you find here Index of /dist/ws/axis/1_4
There you also find the server-config.wsdd (src\org\apache\axis\server).

I also have made some bugfixes ([LDEV-4180] - Lucee), but its all a bit tricky with that extension…