Remote monitoring : querying jvm heap

Hi all,
Happy new year to all of you, I wish you the best for 2023 !

I’m setting up a basic remote probe/monitoring system of our servers, mostly oriented to check communication/performance from Lucee to other hosts/platform (SQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, File Server …) and of course Lucee’s health.
To do so, each Lucee Server has a template that is queried from our monitoring server.
I would like to add (java heap) memory usage : is there a simple way to query this, basically as it is done in Admin homepage ? (It doesn’t have to be graphic at all; raw data would be perfect).

So if you have a hint, thanks in advance !

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Windows
Lucee Version:
Java Version / Tomcat Version: Bundled with

Yes, it’s possible to get that info from Java APIs, here’s an example: cfmetrics/memory.cfm at master · foundeo/cfmetrics · GitHub


remember, Lucee is open source

I think lucee has a native function that does that…

Like @Zackster said, the source is there and it seems to happen at:

That charProcess.cfm is called by: