Reliability of ORM on Lucee

I’m refactoring an app that uses ORM. I’ve seen a few spurious issues so for with ORM entities testing on Lucee. The first was that an existing entity that previously worked could not be found after Lucee startup. The second is that a function I just wrote could not be found within an existing entity. It seems that both might be related to caching, but calling ormReload() in both instances had no effect. I needed to restart Lucee.

These issues were not seen testing on ACF 11.

Any tips from those with experience working around ORM issues in Lucee? My tendency is to refactor away from ORM to gain more control. Perhaps I’m missing something that would enable ORM to work more reliably on Lucee? I’m testing on the latest stable releases of both Lucee and Hibernate.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nando. I use ORM extensively with Lucee and after a period of instability in early versions have found it pretty reliable over the last couple of years or so.

I have occasionally experienced the specific issues you mention and found that calling the following along with ormReload() often helps:

systemCacheClear( "component" );

Hi Julian,

Thanks very much for the feedback. Have you seen these issues in production, or only during development?

Also, I assume “component” in the systemCacheClear() call is that string, and does not need to be replaced with a specific component name, correct?

Both. But very rarely in either I have to say.

Yes that’s a string, i.e. “clear everything in the component cache for this web context”, as opposed to one of the other types of cache.