Release process proposal

I would like this to be a working draft of a formal release checklist for the TAG to review and modify/accept as appropriate for all releases of Lucee Server

  • Confirm all tickets tested and closed in JIRA (done done)
  • Move any open tickets back to next release
  • Confirm documentation of all new/changed functionality
  • Obtain any sign-offs for the release
  • Run any builds including installers, WAR files, etc (if not already automated)
  • Update downloadable binaries (if not automated)
  • Generate Java API docs (if not automated)
  • Generate tag/function docs (if not automated)
  • Update current download links on web site
  • Update any doc links on the website
  • Tag release in repo
  • Bump version number
  • Finalize the “release” in JIRA (release notes created automatically)
  • Blog the new release and include the release notes
  • Social media updates based on template (twitter, mailing list, discourse, Slack, etc) linking to blog post

What should be added to this list?
What doesn’t need to be there?
How should the list differ for a patch release on the dev channel vs a major stable release?
What should be different if it’s an important security fix release? (There should probably be an entire process for handling reported security vulns)

I’ll update this post based on feedback so fire away.


Looks pretty good to me, about two-thrids of it very closely matches the steps I go through during a FarCry Core release :slight_smile: (minus the blogging, oops!)