Redis-extension-icon.png is not a file

Not exactly sure why, but we’re seeing the error
source file [] is not a file

I’ve tried a bunch of stuff like hacking the extension (and all mention of redis out of lucee-server.xml) nuking literally everything out of the context/extensions/available and context/extensions/installed folders, still cannot get around this issue with Ortus nuking their icon off S3.


I’m replying to myself since I didn’t see that this question already has a fix (as it were) to update to the latest RC 5.3.4 the patch is now live to not blindly trust image URL’s and to allow the extension page to load. Even if you have to temporarily update to this version to clear up your extensions you can downgrade (the problem will recur though).

cc/ @lmajano

@e0steven Sorry for the troubles, it looks like our S3 bucket got reorganized. I put the images back in the original folders so Lucee admins wouldn’t freak out.