I’ve inherited our intranet site and we’ve got a slight issue with a redirect. Because of two domains and mixed DNS, it would greatly simplify everything if I could fix this.

If I go to ://host, I am redirected to ://host/Site/view.cfm?siteID=1 Great, works for me.
If I go to the fqdn ://, I am directed to the same exact ://host/Site… without the domain.
If I go directly to the fqdn\Site.…, I stay fq the entire session.

I’m thinking there is a redirect somewhere that is doing this. It must be somewhere around the index.cfm but that just notes that application.cfc handles everything. I don’t know enough about Lucee, TomCat, or what seems like ColdFusion. I’ve looked at the IIS rewrites and it’s not happening there that I can see.

Where can I start?

OS: Windows Server
Java Version: 8
Tomcat Version: 8.0?
Lucee Version: