Recommendations for front end tools and frameworks

This is not meant as “what is the best X?” Rather, I’m curious what folks here are using or working in tandem with, regarding front end HTML/JS. Recommendations for modern one page applications like React or Angular or Vue, Embor, Meteor, etc. What is easy to learn for “run of the mill” projects to have a nice looking front end? And also, what is used for source code and what IDE’s are being used. I am still using a text editor. So… I think I need to update.

I’m sure you’ll get as many different opinions as you get replies :slight_smile: At Ortus, our current stack we’re building new stuff on is Vue.js with ColdBox REST APIs behind it.

This is always a loaded question since “It depends”. Different teams call for different tools based on different scenarios.

For instance, at work, we use a more dated approach to our front end using CFML view templates paired with HTML, CSS built from SCSS, and jQuery. All of this is packaged/compiled/built using Node/NPM/Bower/Gulp. It works, but I’m not a fan compared to other, more modern, tools I’d love to incorporate one day. IDEs are a mixed pool. We have people using an ancient version of Dreamweaver still (old habits die hard). Some use VS Code while myself and another will also use intelliJ IDEA paired with it.

For more personal work, my stack is usually something like this on the front-end:

  • Node / NPM / Yarn for package management
  • Vanilla JS (As modern as I can stretch so typically ES6+)
  • Vue (Often paired with Quasar which makes layouts/UI a breeze)
  • CSS / SCSS / Tailwind CSS
  • Webpack to compile/transpile/build my JS/CSS resources
  • VS Code & IntelliJ IDEA for IDEs