Railo folder still in WEB-INF after migrating to Lucee

Hi Lucee Community,

I just completed migrating to Lucee from Railo using the
instructions found
at https://bitbucket.org/lucee/lucee/wiki/Migrate_from_Railo. Everything
seems to be working as anticipated, but I have discovered that within the
WEB-INF folder for some of my websites, I still have the original “railo”
folder in addition to “railo-web-context-old.zip” and the new “lucee”
folder. In other websites on the same server, the “railo” folder has been
deleted as expected. Does the presence of the “railo” folder indicate that
migration was not completed successfully for the sites in which still
exists? If so, what can I do to correct the problem, or can I just delete
the old “railo” folder and live happily ever after?

FYI, this is my development server (Windows 7, IIS 7.35, Tomcat with
BonCode connector), and all sites are set up as virtual directories under
the default web site.