Question about the use of connectors for multiple sites in IIS

I would like to raise a question about the use of connectors in Lucee. In my ACF environment, I use Windows, ACF, and IIS. I have configured each site with an individual connector, added through the “Web Server Configuration Tool.” Therefore, if something happens regarding one site, it doesn’t affect the others.

I’ve been researching this in Lucee, but I’m not finding conclusive content on the subject. To what extent is it worth separating the connectors? Does it actually make sense to separate them when having only one Tomcat and one IIS? Consolidating the connector with multiple sites could potentially overload it?

I would like to hear from those who know more about this. Thanks in advance for your help.

OS : Windows Server 2022 Standard
Java Version :
Tomcat Version : 9.0.80
Lucee Version :

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