`queryExecute` does not return `generatedKey` when using `returntype = "array"`

Posting here before filing an issue.

    "INSERT INTO `users` (`email`) VALUES (?)",
    [ "john@example.com" ],
    { "result": "result", "returntype": "array" }
structKeyExists( result, "generatedKey" ); // should be true

OS: MacOS 13.2.1
Java Version: 11.0.13 (Eclipse Adoptium)
Tomcat Version: CommandBox 5.8.0+00695
Lucee Version: 5.3.10+120

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@elpete checked this issue with the lucee latest version Yes, queryExecute doesn’t return the generatedKey when using the returntype = array & struct

I created a new ticket for this issue in JIRA : [LDEV-4425] - Lucee