Query.field with recordcount 0 is null?

Can someone tell me if this behavior is correct for Lucee
and forward?

I think something changed between recent Lucee snapshots and I’m getting
errors related to null, that didn’t occur on the previous version. I know
my configuration between the 2 versions is the same, since I have
documentation of my configuration and verified that. I understand how to
fix the problem, but I’m curious if the change was on purpose, and the
previous behavior is considered a bug.

With Complete Null Support on in lucee admin:

I do a select cfquery on mysql and it returns zero records.

myQueryName.fieldName is null, instead of an empty string.

In some areas of my code, I rely on the myQueryName.fieldName to be an
empty string instead of null.

The current snapshot version of Lucee has been functioning great for our
sites otherwise.