Procedure contributing new functions/code to project

I have been wanting to add a few new functions to Lucee, well, probably more just slightly modified versions of existing functions, really. I have the 5.2 source code and have added the functions along with associated unit tests. My question is what is the proper procedure to contribute to the project? Do I just need to do a pull request? I have yet to contribute to an exiting project on Github so I’m not sure how doing pull requests works exactly.

To submit a pull, you should make sure your fork of the code is up to date with all the latest changes in the upstream remote. You should create a branch off of the latest development branch (probably 5.3 I guess) and commit your changes to that branch. Then submit a pull request to back to the upstream branch. It would probably be worth trying to connect with @micstriit first on this. Also, you’ll want to have a ticket created in JIRA. I don’t want you to do a bunch of work if it’s not something that makes sense to be added to the core.