Problems with cfdocument encoding after upgrade to Lucee 5


I have recently upgraded from Lucee 4.5 to and now all my pdfs generated via cfdocument tag show incorrectly encoded Czech characters.

It was working just fine before the upgrade, but now even the simplest test case is rendered incorectly:

I have set everything under charset to UTF-8 in both server and web admin.
Also, I tried to wrap the cfdocument tag with and toggle the fontEmbed attribute on cfdocument on and off, but that doesn’t help anyhow.

Would somebody know what might be causing this ?

Best Regards


@Ivan_Rotrekl I’ve confirmed the issue & created a ticket in JIRA for this. Please follow this.


Thank you very much.

I have tried downgrading the pdf extension in the meantime, but it did not help much.

Versions and earlier renderer this a bit better then the latter versions, but still not 100% correctly.