Problem with Lucee and Fusebox sites

Hello Everyone!

I have a fusebox site that has been running on Windows, with Lucee for years, and it has been working fine.

Recently, I moved the site onto a windows 2016 server, and I am having nothing but troubles.

I keep getting Lucee error messages that look like the attached:

When I reload the browser, the site usually comes up. And sometimes, when I reload, I get the same error and there is no way out. I have to restart Lucee.

It all feels very brittle to me, and that freaks me out. I need this site to be dependible!

Does anyone here have any idea on what is causing this error and how to stop it?

I am at my wits end!

Please help. :frowning:

What versions of FB and Lucee? Did you change versions of moving to the new server?

Problem is the Java version, please see my last comment here

we are working on a permanent solution for this that needs no addional setting

I tried adding -Djdk.attach.allowAttachSelf=true to the Java options in the Lucee properties box, but it did not solve the problem.

I am using Fusebox 5.5 with Lucee

On the previous server, I was using Lucee

i have quite the mess going on here. I do hope someone out there can help. :frowning:

Here are my Lucee settings: