Problem with index file

Hello Lucee Developers!

My first message on Lucee Dev…

I am exploring on moving from Adobe CF 10 to Lucee. Presently running Lucee on AWS Amazon Linux 2 test server running Apache 2.4.41 also running PHP 7.3.14.

Our sites are a mixture of simple HTML, CFML and PHP.

I have configured Apache with:

DirectoryIndex index.cfm index.cfc index.php index.html

Everything is working fine except for subdirectory where the index file is index.php (or index.html). When I request that directory without specifying index.php, i.e.

I get:

Lucee Error (missinginclude)

Message	Page /somedirectory/index.cfm [/data/www/secur/somedirectory/index.cfm] not found
Mapping	/
Java Stacktrace	lucee.runtime.exp.MissingIncludeException: Page /somedirectory/index.cfm [/data/www/secur/somedirectory/index.cfm] not found

The workaround I’ve put in place is adding an index.cfm which contains:

<cflocation url="index.php" addToken="false">

With Adobe CF 10, Apache would have served the first file (from left to right) it found in the DirectoryIndex list.

Any “real” solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance!


When the sub directory index is index.cfm does it work properly?

Yes! Thus, the workaround with the index.cfm file containing a cflocation tag.

Thanks californiaimage!


Consider using fargate. Run 2 services Lucee and PHP. Setup routes in your ALB to send traffic the required service base on the host and uri. See below. All 3 services are lucee.

– Bill

@utiliware Thanks Bill!

I’ll have a look at FarGate.