Problem with getting cfexecute tag to work

I am using Lucee on Ubuntu and am trying to get this tag, which simply pings the localhost, to work (I have omitted the angle brackets otherwise the next line doesn’t appear):

cfexecute name="/bin/ping" arguments=“localhost” outputfile="/tmp/cfexecute_test_page.txt" timeout=“0” /cfexecute

but after about 60 seconds an error message appears saying ‘Error invoking external process’. The permissions of /bin/ping are:

-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 64424 Jun 28 2019 /bin/ping

so it should be executable by anyone. I’m trying to get this very simple example to work on a dev server; there is another much bigger shell script on this server which works fine when executed using on a Coldfusion MX 7.1 production server but not at all under Lucee.

Any suggestions or pointers to what I’m doing wrong here will be gratefully received!