Preferred Javascript Framework for Modern Lucee DEV?

I’m resurrecting some code from an app I’d like to finish asap.

Most of what I’d done previously for UI was built with jQuery. I’ve since been able to replace a lot of it with vanilla JS and I’d eventually like to get out from underneath jQuery.

Is there any consensus in the Lucee community about a preferred Javascript framework to use?

I really do not think so.
Except for some Adobe perversion (:grin:), cfml doesn’t deal with client side. At most it generates the json/xml that the client must consume.

But these days I saw this project of Ortus
Looks interesting:

curiosity: has anyone started using HTMX?
If so, what do you honestly think about it?

I had never heard of it. I looked it up; looks interesting.
Are you using it?
Do you like it?