Pre-compiling CFML files results in 'class names don't match' error if not in base directory

Heya, hoping someone can help me with a solution to this (hopefully) final hurdle.
Trying to pre-compile a small test application and then run the application from these pre-compiled .class files. I’ve had some success with building and compiling these files using a ‘/’ virtual mapping and the resource directory set to the full folder path (D:/Root). I then use a small script to rename all the generated .class files to their original filenames.

I’ve hit a roadblock where I can’t get these .class files to run unless they are placed in my root web server directory.
For example, my test application has the following structure…
ROOT -> info - thirdpage.cfm
- index.cfm
- secondpage.cfm

Once renamed, index and secondpage execute great, but thirdpage will only execute if I move/copy it out of the info folder and into the root folder. Worth mentioning that this is the file structure both before and after the compile process, so it’s not like the compiler is not aware of the path. I am using Lucee v5.2.1.9.

Any ideas?