Pre-compile with debug symbols

Hi guys,
I’ve been working on pre-compiling a CFML application using the cfadmin tag, it took some tinkering but we’ve now got it working quite well (though railo’s dump.cfc seems to crash when invoked from a pre-compiled CFML class, but we’ll leave that for another day).

However, I’ve noticed that without the context of the source CFML, the error template doesn’t return as much information. Most notably, it no longer returns the line numbers, and just displays -1 against the given file instead. Is there an option when compiling using cfadmin to include ‘debug symbols’, to avoid losing this information?

Just to throw a spanner in the works, this application is still using Railo 3.3.4, but we’re looking to finally upgrade over the coming months so any solutions for any version would be appreciated.


the simplest thing you can do is just try out the latest stable release

No worries, that’s true! Sadly we have a lot of java code that is heavily integrated with railo classes so it’s not a trivial swap over, so thought I’d test the waters why we ponder our implementation. Cheers for the quick response.


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You might also try commandbox and cfconfig to bring over your settings which could help loads.

I swear, box is the way forward in testing different versions of lucee. I think I even wrote a version that would bring in railo configurations so that you can then run them on lucee (or other CFML engines)

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