Populating mode column for DirectoryList on Unix for Lucee 6?

For historical reasons, DirectoryList and <cfdirectory action="list"> doesn’t currently populate the mode column [LDEV-2118] mode is empty string in query result of directoryList and cfdirectory - Lucee

I just ran into that (yet again) adding a test case for cfzip [LDEV-2117] executable bit is lost on files when using cfzip action=zip on binaries - Lucee

Anyone see any problems with fixing this? Lucee 6.0 is our chance to make breaking changes

That would be great if it was fixed.


Usually mayor uogrades always come with breaking changes and the Lucee Core Team should always take the chance to enhance the language and of course security. What is important is to have these changes documented somewhere, so we know what to do.

Really nice we are being asked :smiley:


like this :slight_smile: ?


thanks for the awesome information.

there is some overhead to adding this info, so we may add a basic version which omits this info

would it be possible to generate it on access? altough each resource might implement it’s own strategy as obviously an ftp call would gain more perf to get them while doing the initial ls command.